October 21 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 28   

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Oh yeah, Dionisus!

By Ash Wittig
Gazette Writer

According to the band's bio, "Dionisus want to do one thing: hold a special spot of their own in the depths of your cold blackened heart." Pretty hefty goal, but can the band live up to it?

The Gazette caught up with guitarist Greg Webber after a morning spent parked under a bridge in Quebec City, eating a "ghetto" breakfast of bacon and eggs off a George Foreman grill. With a radio single ("Oh Yeah") hitting the scene, Dionisus are poised and ready to start movin' on up.

"One of the nicest things about people listening to us is that we put an awful lot of time and work into it, which makes it all worth it since we can't be everywhere at once," Webber notes.

Hailing from Fredericton, Webber attempts to sum up the difference between East Coast music as compared to Canadian music at large.

"It's really the best hospitality you can find, there's a nice modest tone to everything," Webber claims of the East Coast. "You don't last very long out there if you have a chip on your shoulder."

Nonetheless, he admits the East Coast has somewhat of an inferiority complex. "We don't have the number of bands that somewhere like Ontario does, so our gigs are pretty eclectic," Webber says. "Sometimes we're the heaviest show there and sometimes we're the lightest."

After starting back in high school as a Nirvana cover band, Dionisus have found their niche writing original tunes and playing comfortably with each other. Their music is sometimes light and sweet and sometimes kick-your-ass hard, with influences ranging from "'80s chick rock to The Pixies to Foo Fighters and Incubus," according to Webber.

The band's first demo album, Scared To Be Wrong, is openly playful with song names such as "Alone and In Love With My Axl Rose Doll." It's the kind of CD you might curl up with on cold nights to keep you warm - if you do that sort of thing.

"The title explains the band's general feelings," Webber remarks. "We're pretty worried all the time."

Dionisus tours until the end of October with stops across Canada.

"When we're finished - if we're still alive - we're going to try to decide on a producer and studio so we can try and put out our first full length," Webber says. "We've already got about half an album of stuff that we think is great."

And what does Dionisus want fans to take away from a show?

"To have talked to us," Webber states. "We're traveling around Canada and if we didn't make any friends, then that's a pretty crappy trip... oh yeah, and hopefully they go back to their work or school the next day with a hangover."

Dionisus were scheduled to play The Embassy tonight, but unfortunately the show has been cancelled. We'll let you know if it gets rescheduled.



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