October 21 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 28   

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Mustangs rule, papers don't

The Good
Ranked No. one in the country, the Western women's soccer team is heading into the playoffs with confidence. The team, which is comprised of 12 rookies, had an excellent season.

Rookie players Jenna Byrne, Heather Prange and Sarah Regan broke the mould and showed rookies don't always need years of grooming. Allison Oosterhuis, also a rookie player, didn't let anything get by her on defense. Veterans Eva Havaris and Christina Bonasia had a strong season once again.

Head coach Michael Van Bussel used the girls all-around talents to make this year a success. There was consistent effort displayed from all across the field which added to their strong offensive and defensive game.

Last year, the team placed third at nationals in Calgary. However, in lieu of their perfect season, the Mustangs are looking towards taking first place and earning the gold at nationals in Montreal.

The Bad
An anonymous FBI source recently leaked information to The Washington Times that an Al Qaida agent was posing as a student at McMaster University.

Mac was the prime target for this excursion due to the nuclear reactor the school uses for research. The Al Qaida member was supposedly attending the school to get close enough to the reactor to walk out with a bucket of nuclear waste. Or so says Washington's "anonymous source."

This was denied by McMaster, who stated this imaginary Al Qaida member is not a registered member of the school. They also stated their nuclear reactor has tight security. Access is only granted to authorized personnel or heavily supervised students, thus making it virtually impossible for anyone to steal nuclear waste, let alone make a dirty bomb out of it. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service also denied any security issue of this sort taking place.

The reactor story seems extremely bogus - never trust those wily anonymous sources.

Western should be pleased with the fact we don't have a nuclear reactor close by. First of all, so we don't have to worry about terrorists attending our university and secondly, because our percentage of beautiful people would rapidly decline.

The Ugly
The Globe and Mail, in attempts to compete with MacLean's Annual University Rankings, published their second "University Report Card." This information was based on online surveys to Canadian students.

Unfortunately The Globe and Mail did not do their homework and forgot to find out if York actually has a medical school.




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