October 21 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 28   

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Marlins/Yankees series a downer

What the Shuk?
Mark Polishuk

Opinions Editor

The World Series is underway - it's the time of year when Major League Baseball fans should be rapt with anticipation. Instead, however, this year's Series is more anti-climactic than the credits of a Ron Jeremy film.

Any real baseball fan would tell you the dream World Series was the Chicago Cubs against the Boston Red Sox. The Curse of the Billy Goat vs. the Curse of the Bambino. Ninety five years of futility vs. 85 years of futility, thus guaranteeing one lucky group of fans would be the first generation since their grandparents to see their team win the championship.

Instead, the World Series is the New York Yankees against the Florida Marlins, just about the least appealing match-up possible.

So this is why it sometimes sucks Vince McMahon doesn't run MLB and we're left with the unfeeling, unpredictability of real sports. Instead of a battle between two classic underdogs, we're left with Florida (who can't even sell out their stadium and in their 11 years as a franchise, have already won a Series) and the New York Fucking Yankees, baseball's answer to the bubonic plague.

New York is a living example as to why baseball needs a hard salary cap, as their payroll exceeds the next highest payroll in MLB by a baffling $65 million. The playing field is just not level. Smaller-market teams (like Florida) can sometimes occasionally put together a one year run, but only New York can dominate year after year.

The Yankees' presence in the Series just about saps all my enjoyment. Now we'll have to hear ad nauseam about their 27 world titles, the "Yankee mystique" and their "great fans" (i.e. either battery-throwing morons or bandwagon-jumping publicity hounds like Jennifer Lopez). The Red Sox might've been a bunch of whiners, but they're still preferable to the soulless Yankee corporation. Cheering for New York is like cheering for Goliath over David; where's the fun in that?

So, despite my disgust at seeing Florida owner Jeffrey Loria (the man who buried baseball in Montreal) accepting the Commissioner's Trophy, I'll still be pulling for the Marlins. It's just a shame after such a great post season, baseball is stuck with a World Series that might feature some exciting games, but will only be celebrated by an undeserving group of fans. Just like Cubs and Red Sox fans say every October, we'll have to "wait Ôtil next year."




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