October 21 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 28   

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BOG candidate Yach looking to represent

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

Jennifer Yach, a fifth-year student at Western working on two degrees - a professional law and engineering degree and another in applied math - has dealt with the Board of Governors before and says this is why you should vote for her.

Yach has a myriad of experiences she feels will help her in the new post, if elected; she spent two years as Essex Hall residence soph and has been a tutor at Western in each of her five years. Currently, Yach is an engineering faculty councillor for the University Students' Council and sits on the USC's finance committee.

Yach also cited her successful appeal to BOG of last year's dental plan referendum as valid experience. "[BOG] is a forum where a student can be heard; I had a positive experience with the reception I received. I realized if you do bring issues to the BOG, they will be considered," she said.

According to Yach, work ethic makes for an especially good student representative. "When I pushed the BOG on the dental plan, it [took] about a month of solid research and talking to the proper sources. If important issues are properly researched, I think the BOG would be more inclined to consider them," she said.

The major concerns Yach wants addressed revolve around student fees, as she listed deregulated tuition, ancillary fees and the "excessive" $119 fee to use the University Community Centre among the fees that need investigation.

She also mentioned the representation of students in professional programs, saying the value for money they receive from their USC representation was inadequate. "Older students have different needs than other undergrads do," she said, adding she thought there should be a separate representational body for students in professional programs or a reconsideration of the service the USC provides.

Her reason for running? "It goes back to why I ran for the USC in the first place," she said. "Because students pay such a large amount of money, with tuition, ancillary and the USC fees, I wanted to see their interests protected.

"I have the experience and the commitment to be the voice of the undergraduate students on the BOG," she said.




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