October 22, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 29  

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A Mystic journey full of choices

Do you ever question, "What if?" What if you had asked that stunning girl/guy out on a date? What if you had connected on that last second shot? What if you had gotten into that car with the drunk driver?

Chris Martin, you ain't Moses

the single guy

Screw delivers real horror -just in time for Halloween

Is anyone really scared of the dark anymore?

Ghost stories may have been frightening at the ripe old age of six, but kids grow out of those fears. Nonetheless, Hollywood insists on pumping out horror films ad nauseam, feeding the ravenous monster called desensitization.

Celebrity Dartboard
Stick it on a wall, aim and throw!

The only thing worse than a diva is a self-righteous, wrinkled, has-been of a diva with a schnoz the size of Manhattan.

Big D dreams of guns & liquor

Boston-based ska band Big D and the Kid's Table is comprised of seven guys whose collective manifesto is to rock your world. Their recently released album, Porch Life, made it into the public's grasp following a year of deliberation.

Radiohead rules

If you've never seen Radiohead live, then you probably shouldn't talk about live music. You simply aren't qualified. It would be like a food critic who's never tasted food.

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Mullet Junky




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