October 22, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 29  

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This just in: Western hates jerks

Re: "Jackasses need rude awakening," Oct. 16, 2003

To the Editor:

I cannot say I can relate to Brian Wong's experience, but people do need to realize they are not the only people in this world. What makes the back of the bus so scary? When a bus pulls up that "can't take any more passengers," there is ALWAYS ample space at the back of the bus. It only takes a few steps back or at least a move out of the way for people who are trying to get to the back of the bus. I do not mean just move their upper bodies two centimetres, but move to the side so there is space to walk.

Where Not to Stand 101 is a course that should teach people the top or bottom of the stairs is the worst place to stop and talk to friends. The middle of the sidewalk would be the second. What makes people think the whole world will stop because they have? It is frustrating and rude. Do not be alarmed if you see a little dude push his way through the crowds, because I have and will continue to do so because I do not care.

Tom Kun

To the Editor:

I totally agree with Brian Wong: there should be a course on not treating people like shit. Those yells and honks really spoil a perfect day, making it a perfectly shitty day, like the one time I was so happy with my new DVD player before some guys in a car started throwing insults at me.

At such times, I have often wished I had more guts and was less polite. I would spit back with nastier insults, kick their butts or learn some highly affective voodoo spell. And 99 per cent of those people are in their cars, which proves they're just plain cowards.

I hope for their sake they don't do it in big cities with a closer range between traffic signals; a guy in one of the larger cities was dragged out of his car and beaten up by midterm-stressed-out junior high kids after throwing them casual insults. Hey, aren't we having midterms now?

HyeShin Kim

Don't be a twit

To the Editor:

We're coming up to midterms and I'd hoped all the assholes would have dropped out or started skipping class by now, but no such luck. So, I have a few small requests to help make going to lectures (slightly) less annoying.

1) Turn your cell phone off. Unless you're a practicing doctor, there is no need for anyone to call you during class. And if you are a doctor, buy a pager or set your damn phone on vibrate so you don't disturb the whole class.

2) It's hard enough to cram lectures into 50 minutes and we all want to get out of there as quickly as possible. If you have a totally off-topic question about a "fascinating" study you read about for fun, ask the prof after class or e-mail them. Seriously. No one else cares, so don't waste our time.

3) It's boring to go to some lectures with an utterly useless textbook. And it's hard enough to make myself concentrate on the material without ignoring all the other conversations around me. I'm not enthralled by the Krebs Cycle, but I want to hear the lecture, seeing as I've paid thousands of dollars to be here. Subjects that will NOT be on the exam and that I therefore don't give a shit about, include:

a) What you're wearing to Jim Bob's tonight.

b) What you did over Thanksgiving break.

c) The fact that the professor is British. They have accents. They pronounce words differently. Get over it.

Kristin Isnor
Science II

SPHR has some bad(d) company

Re: "...nor any hateration," Oct. 15, 2003

To the Editor:

Randa Mouammar refers to an article published in the Canadian Jewish News in which the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights is labelled "infamous for creating a climate of hate," which she says is "absolutely wrong" and challenges Western students to "decide how hateful our club is." Here are exerpts from the 2001 Anti-Semitism Audit conducted by The League For Human Rights, which outlines the track record of SPHR at other schools.

December: "Members and supporters of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights at McGill University distributed material from the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review, which claimed that Israel was creating an 'ethnic bomb' that targeted Muslims but not Jews."

Concordia University SPHR-VP Samer Elatrash was expelled from Concordia for his involvement in riots last year in which (as the 2002 League For Human Rights audit writes) "Rabbis and other visible Jews were assaulted at the Concordia campus as part of a riot aimed at blocking a planned lecture by former Israeli prime minster Benjamin Netanyahu - a riot SPHR incited."

Obviously, SPHR Western is not responsible for the actions of its sister organization. I commend SPHR Western for not using such vile tactics, however, it is disturbingly apparent they align themselves with the greater SPHR network. SPHR Western lists itself on the national SPHR Web site alongside the hateful factions at Concordia and McGill. If Ms. Mouammar would like the students at Western to overlook such blatant connections, I suggest she take a at her group's allies.

Arie Dimant
Social Science II



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