October 23 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 30  

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HMV in Masonville Place: Praise the Lord. Now we don't have to walk out of the mall and across the street when we need to compare the prices between HMV, Sunrise Records and Music World.

Skin: FOX's new drama parallels Romeo and Juliet, though it adds a modern twist: Adam's father is the District Attorney, while Jewel's father is a successful producer of adult entertainment. Plus, it may get a little Melrose on us -Laura Leighton (Sydney) stars!

Date Patrol: TLC's new reality/makeover television show is dedicated to the art of picking up and maintaining interest. Aired Saturday 10 p.m., this show can motivate you to go out and work your magic. Each episode transforms one desperate person into a ultra-sexy single... now that's hot!


Midterms: Here's another useless piece of work you have to do at university -the midterm exam. Instead of attending a lecture in which you can learn something new, class time is wasted in order for you to regurgitate what you've learned in the past month-and-a-half, just to make sure you've been paying attention. Fuck that shit.

Britney's ballad: Last weekend, SNL showcased musical guest Britney Spears. She performed "Every Time," a ballad which exposes her inability to really sing, as she can't hide behind powerful dance beats.

Being "too old" for trick-or-treating: How is this fair? Just because we're in university now, we've lost the childhood right to go door-to-door snagging delicious, free candy. Being a twenty-something sucks sometimes.





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