October 23 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 30  

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Manic Mondays no more! Campus Life stops stress


When my shoulders are tense, I can't sleep properly and there's something weighing on my mind, that usually means one thing: stress.

One of the ways I relieve all that tension and stress is writing. I keep a journal where I vent and bitch about everything making me feel like shit and has been causing undo stress in my life. I don't need to write every day, but writing every few days makes me feel better.

Writing down the stressful situations helps me analyze them better and see why they're causing me stress. It gives me some time to reflect on the situation at hand. And when I'm really angry, I put more weight behind my words. Literally.

There have been times I've pushed so hard on my pen out of sheer frustrated stress filled anger and rage that I've almost ripped the page.

In the end, I feel better and I have the shredded pages to prove it.

-Paolo Zinatelli





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