October 23 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 30  

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To the Editor:

I find it unusual that different places on campus have different rules regarding their food and drink policy. I was in the Social Science Centre computing lab with a closed cup of coffee (although I realize it says no food and drink right on the computer screen) and received an e-mail a few hours later saying I had a 24-hour account suspension. No one had come to tell me what I was doing was wrong, yet this message appeared on my Western account from some imaginary person spying on me from God knows where.

The part I find redundant is I have been in the library many times with a closed cup of coffee at the computers and have never had a problem or been penalized for my actions. Are computers not the same everywhere you go?

I realize I did something wrong, but I really don't care about the 24-hour account suspension. My main concern is if the university is going to have rules, why don't they implement them the same everywhere on campus so there is some consistency?

Anna Holomey
Psychology III



To the Editor:

In case you've been in a coma, Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently added governor-elect of California to his resumé.

I may be Canadian, but I think I have a grasp of the "American Dream." I admire Schwarzenegger for his obvious ambition and dogged determination. The man rose to the top of the body building world, created a successful "acting" career and then rode his fame and popularity all the way to the governor's mansion. At best, he is living proof of America's self-professed title as the "land of opportunity."

At worst, however, he represents the decay of American culture and rationale. How can a man with no political experience win by a landslide? Watching the news in the weeks leading up to the election was like watching Fear Factor, a nausea-inducing, guilty pleasure.

Arnold has no experience in the field... so what? Voters have a right to choose their candidate based on his character. But as allegations of groping women and general sexual deviance became public, he somehow climbed even higher in the polls - even among women!

Arnold promised to be a "politician for the people" and lower the deficit without raising taxes. It's a great sound-byte, but how can you maintain existing public services and lower spending if you refuse to raise taxes?

I wish Schwarzenegger no ill will and I hope he can pull the state economy out of its tailspin. The sobering fact remains Arnold is a Republican leader in a state where most of the other public offices are held by Democrats.

Good luck Mr. Schwarzenegger. California needs a strong voice to lead it. Might I suggest someone who can actually speak the language?

Alex Kagan
Psychology II



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