October 24 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 31  

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1 girl + 1 guy = 1 good match?

Over 150 applicants applied for the upcoming universitysingles.ca blind date (which will be taped and broadcast on TVWestern), but the field has now been reduced to a mere six candidates. Two of the following people will be going out next Fri., Oct. 31, on a date consisting of dinner at the City Hall Restaurant and a night at Club Phoenix. You can log on to www.universitysingles.ca to vote for who gets to go on this date, as well as get an E-coupon that will let you and a friend into the Phoenix for the price of one to see the date live on Singles Night. Voting ends Wed., Oct. 29.

Here are the contestants...


Joel Grayborne

Joel is a studly dude, who loves to party. His major turn-on is hairless girls, who love to have a good time. His major-turn off is bad breath. Joel's average date consists of a movie and then dinner, in that order, because he wants to ensure the girl never feels rushed when eating her meal. Joel has played on numerous varsity teams at Western and is on the honour roll.

Michael Mcgahee

Mike is a 5'4" computer science major with a bubbly personality who loves to chat with girls online. His chatting days began with ICQ and have now progressed to MSN and AOL. Mike likes girls who have a great smile and will get along with his family. His major turn-off is a girl who can't use Dreamweaver.

Daniel Rilesone

Danny, as he likes to be known, is currently in his fourth year. He is a kinesiology major, who loves to work out and "muscle up." Danny is an outgoing guy, who usually spends his Thursdays at the Phoenix and Fridays taking it easy with a movie. His ideal date is taking someone to an ice rink (just like Happy Gilmore) and then going out for some drinks at the Martini Bar. Danny's biggest turn-on is a girl with great legs and his biggest turn-off is bad teeth. Danny is a great guy, so girls... take off those braces!


Paulina Quirk

Paulina is 5'7" and involved with many off campus clubs as well as her church's youth group. Her life goals include designing fashion and living in NYC. Her biggest pet peeve is guys who wear muscle shirts to the bar and girls who are afraid to show too much (live a little, she says). Her biggest turn-on is guys who cuddle after sex. Paulina's biggest turn-off is Jean Paul Gautier cologne.

Nadine Trella

Nadine is in her second-year of music and has played the flute since the age of seven. Band camp is but a recent memory for Nadine. She is very interested in politics and world affairs. She loves a guy who can carry on a good conversation and someone who does whatever it takes to impress her. As for biggest turn-offs, she can't stand guys with moustaches. Nadine loves to party, but also knows why she is at university.

Kristina Perry

Kristina is 5'5", in first-year university and looking to be involved in a number of sports teams at Western. She has been working out since the age of 15 and has an extremely fit body. Her pastimes include reading, cooking and working with charities. She is a family girl, who likes to get a little wild at night. Her biggest turn-on are guys who are healthy. Conversely, her biggest turn-off is guys who don't dress well.



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