October 24 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 31  

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Letters from the Edge
Dear Sports Illustrated

Stuff & Things
Kelly Marcella

Campus Life Editor

Dear Sports Illustrated,

I love sports just as much as everyone else. I love watching games and I love reading about them, but there's one thing I absolutely despise about sports journalism -predictions.

I understand that if you weren't making some sort of prediction on who's going to win Lord Stanley's Cup this coming spring, you probably would have a boring job. But to be perfectly honest, I don't care.

As a magazine, you are not known for your in-depth coverage or high placement of the great northern sport -which is fine- but to me that suggests my evaluation of who will win the Cup this year is just as good as yours. But in any case...

C'mon -you've even admitted it yourselves: any team you pick to win anything ultimately fails to capture their respective championship titles. What kind of people are you? You love sports, but you can't stop jinxing everyone.

If I knew a prediction would cause any team to lose, I'd keep my mouth shut -at the very least I wouldn't put it in print. It's not hard; there are many things you can still write about without having to come out and predict a winner eight months before the fact. The season is still early and frankly, the playoffs are a whole other hockey game.

My case in point this year is the Ottawa Senators. Now I admit, I'm a die-hard Sens fan, but SI, you went and ruined any chance this team had at winning the Cup by predicting their victory. As much as it pains me to admit it, this team has been known to choke on occasion. They've been one of, if not the best, team in the league for the last couple of years and have subsequently choked every single year in the playoffs because of it. I appreciate your vote of confidence in my team, but too much pressure on the Sens is disastrous.

Telling a team they're by far going to come away with a sweeping victory is stupid. Not only does it make the team overconfident and often lazy because of it, but underdogs always have more to prove and less to lose -two things that amount to solid sportsmanship and often success. Do you forget what happened in last year's hockey playoffs? Anaheim, Minnesota, Vancouver -I hardly think you forgot those teams, all ranked at the bottom of the barrel, beat out some of the Cup's toughest contenders.

So SI, all I have to say is stop making stupid predictions. You know little about hockey, you purposely jinx teams year after year (and obviously don't care) and frankly, I find it horrible you make your living by making predictions which in turn leads teams to lose.

What kind of sports fans are you? Not very good ones.





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