October 28, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 32  

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Admin shits on "Cow Plop" idea

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

A University Students' Council fundraiser for the London United Way chapter has been put out to pasture, for now.

"Cow Plop Bingo," a game where participants bid on one of several numbered squares of ground in a grid and hope the cow pitches a loaf on their square, was scheduled to take place Thursday, but has been put on hiatus after concerns were raised by both the United Way and Western administration.

USC VP-student affairs Matt Huether said the whole event was a bit of a pipe dream, as the USC struggled to find a cow. "Then we found a cow, so we decided to run it in conjunction with the USC's campaign for United Way."

"This day in age, there's a different attitude toward how animals should be used," said London United Way executive director Helen Connell. "We appreciate the support we've gotten from Western and the student body; students have many creative events, but in this one instance, we didn't feel it matched up with the values of the organization," Connell said.

"[The USC] decided to go ahead and give the proceeds to other charities, but in the interim, people started to catch wind of it and there were concerns expressed at different levels of administration," Huether said.

Jane O'Brien, Western's acting VP-administration, explained the university had concerns. "Concrete Beach is a high-traffic area, especially at this time of year and with increased enrollment. We definitely did express concerns with regards to the appropriateness on the newly constructed Beach," she said.

"The event probably would've raised around $2,000 from students. We'll back off the idea now and work towards another event later," Huether said.



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