October 29 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 33  

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Madge and Enrique both fail

the single guy
By Brian Wong

Black Eyed Peas: "Shut Up"

A stuttering throbbing bass, a Mexican western guitar line and new member Fergie's soulful vocals make this second single from Elephunk more threatening than most rock songs today. The switch between male rapped verses and a very discontent Fergie on the chorus turn this track about a crumbling relationship into pure drama that sounds like Janet Jackson at the top of her game: "We try to take it slow/But we're still losing control/And we try to make it work/But it still ends up the worst/And I'm crazy/Trying to be your lady." Just shut up and turn it up.

Madonna: "Nothing Fails"

Nothing fails? Hahahaha. Hey Madonna, did you already forget about American Life, the album this song is on? Maybe the choice of this low-key track as the third single was to act as a response to the lukewarm reception of her most recent disc. It's too bad, however, there's nothing in this song that's as revolutionary as Maddy wants to be. She's already dabbled in electro-acoustic pop and this track comes off as completely redundant. Most laughable is when she repeats the mantra, "I'm not religious, but it makes me want to pray" and is later joined by a gospel choir. She should pray for a better fourth single - if there even is one.

Michael Jackson: "One More Chance"

I love it when an artist's song reflects their current predicaments. Like Madonna, Michael is looking for another shot (with his upcoming Number Ones compilation, due Nov. 18) and he hopes this understated, slow-groove of a tune that harks back to his more innocent early days will do the trick. It's a pleasant enough song, which will be even more pleasant if we don't have to see a video for it, but here's the best part: the song is written by fellow accused child molester R. Kelly. Just the whole idea of this song is deserving of an extra star.

Enrique Iglesias: "Addicted"

Dude, will you just go away already?

Blink-182: "Feeling This"

No one really wants to go down in rock history as the big joke band - not even the Barenaked Ladies. Which is probably why Mark, Tom and Travis sound a bit more grown up on the first single from their upcoming self-titled disc (out Nov. 18). But only just a bit. The boys never came off as terribly clever, but their gags were silly fun and the harmonies were upbeat; and the thing that makes you really feel this song is the layers upon layers of vocals that close it.



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