October 29 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 33  

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Students tell prez to tell admin where it can put its parking

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

An open forum on parking was held yesterday in the University Community Centre atrium, moderated by University Students' Council President Paul Yeoman.

"We're looking for any thoughts or opinions on parking," Yeoman repeated into a microphone, trying to separate students from the passing tumbleweeds.

Though few participants actually stepped up to the mic to voice their complaints, a few brave souls did surface and came out with the following concerns, which will be taken by Yeoman to the university advisory committee on parking and traffic:

-Value for money: students pay over $300 for a parking pass and still get stuck parking in remote lots or paying at meters when lots are full.

-"Why not build a parking garage?" came up three times and it was suggested administration undertake a cost analysis of both the construction and a potential pass for such a garage.

-Having to arrive early to get not just a good spot, but any parking spot. Saugeen-Maitland Hall, the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre and the Chemistry Building were all cited as lots that fill up shortly after 8 a.m..

-Pro-rating parking passes purchased late was suggested, so only the valid portion of the pass is paid for.

-The under-advertising of the Althouse College lot, which usually has spots open.

-The need for more visitor parking to welcome guests to campus.

-The need for more metered parking for students who only come to campus for a short time.

-Safety: concerns about the lighting in campus parking lots were raised, with students saying they still did not feel safe in the lots at night.

The committee meeting is Thursday night and Yeoman is still open to suggestions from anyone who missed their chance to sound off yesterday. Opinions on parking can be brought to his attention by calling 661-3574 or by e-mail to usc.president@uwo.ca.




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