October 29 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 33  

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Campus Inquisition

Prompted by a sparsely attended parking forum and a McGill student boycotting turnitin.com, Campus Inquisition took to the streets in hopes students would reveal their deep, dark feelings about parking on campus and turnitin.com.

"I think the meters are way too expensive, especially out at Huron. I think they should make the Saugeen parking lot bigger."

-Jimbo McDermott,
political science, III
his contributions to the parking forum

"You really have to come early to find a parking spot."

-Chloe Garner,
biology, IV
on her grievances about Western parking

" I have a car and I don't park o campus because it's too expensive."

-Angela Laughton,
physiology & psychology, IV
on deterrents for students parking at Western

"It hasn't affected me but I know a guy who turned an essay in and got caught for plagiarism and he's a smart guy but I don't think he cheated."

telling a horror story about turnitin.com

"I don't really care about using it because I'm not plagiarizing anything."

-Maria Cuomo,
English & media, information and technoculture IV
on her upstanding views on turnitin.com

"I have heard of people having trouble with it -I know my friends have had trouble with it when they're on a deadline."

-Shawna Buchanan,
MIT & Sociology, III
on turnitin.com




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