October 3, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 21  

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Michel: Simpsons rule!

By Jeff Zon
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
SOON I'LL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR A LIMO. Danny Michel's tour stops off at The Embassy tonight.

After both the Toronto Star and Now Magazine declared In The Belly Of A Whale (2001) to be worthy of their “Top Ten Albums of the Year” lists, Danny Michel is back on the scene promoting his latest record, Tales From the Invisible Man.

A veritable jack of all trades, Michel’s music has been described as a mix of pop, alternative, ska, country and disco dance.

“ All those I would agree with,” Michel admits. “My music is all over the map, kind of like Frank Black meets Rufus Wainwright.

“ I like old David Bowie stuff and Tom Waits,” Michel adds. “I even like hip hop, but you won’t see any of that come out in my music.”

Shortly after the acclaim of Belly, a key success point in his career, Michel responded by taking some time off to reflect.

“ It was a good therapeutic adventure,” he asserts. “I just took some time off and did nothing for a while. I locked up my guitars for six months.”

And it appears this cocooning effect has its merits. Michel swung back from his half-year hiatus with a brand new stride in Tales From the Invisible Man. One of many things new to Danny in Tales and one that represents a departure from his previous traveling solo show, is playing with a band. His new four-piece outfit has had the opportunity to play with established Canadian acts such as Emm Gryner and Luke Doucet.

“ I enjoy both [playing solo and with accompaniment],” Michel says. “I kind of got bored of playing solo though. Playing with a band is a lot of fun and right now I think I like it much more.”

Aside from his music, Michel also professes his love for all things antiquated: he recently bought an Atari game system along with 50 games from E-bay.

“ As well,” he adds emphatically, “I just bought a 1980 Camaro, chocolate brown. Guess that would count too. Things just aren’t made with that much care anymore. Products these days are just slapped together.”

Michel feels the same way about television.

“ Ever since reality TV started, I have had to disconnect the cable,” Michel asserts. “It’s the end of the world. The only reason I have a TV is because of The Simpsons. No wonder it’s the longest running show in the history of TV. When The Simpsons leaves the air, I’m going to sell my set.”

Danny Michel plays The Embassy tonight along with Matthew Barber and special guests Westminster PA. Admission is $10.



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