October 3, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 21  

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WCalendars want to be sexy

By Megan O’Toole
Gazette Staff


Dave Picard/Gazette
SEXY WITHOUT BEING TRASHY. First-year sociology student and WGirl hopeful Cynthia Foster strikes a pose.

If you’ve been approached by a random stranger on campus and informed you have what it takes to be a model, don’t get scared yet — it may have been a legitimate offer and not just a pathetic pick-up line.

Yes, it’s that time of year again: Western’s WCalendars team is hard at work on the third installment of the infamous WGirls and WBoys calendars, which have been the source of much controversy on campus in past years.

This year, second year honors business administration student Daniel Sorger is at the helm of the project.

“ Basically for the last month, me and my team have been going around campus approaching guys and girls and saying, ‘Hey, we’d love you to try out for WCalendars,’” Sorger says. In addition to the in-person method, Sorger’s team also set up a sign-up station at Cottage Tanning.

“ A lot of people are flattered or really honored,” Sorger notes, of the students whom himself and his teammates have approached. “Basically, you’re telling people that you think they are so attractive they should be a model.

“ It’s harder for me as a guy to approach other guys, especially at bars,” Sorger adds. “But I happen to have four girl roommates, so I’ve enlisted their services.”

The WBoys calendar has space to feature 12 hotties, while the WGirls edition will feature 12-14 girls — after all, the girls can “pair up” for some of the shots.

“ We had two sets of twins last year,” Sorger recalls. Sounds pretty hot, but what’s in store this time around?

“ I want to go sexy this year, because sexy looks better; sexy sells,” Sorger states, adding last year’s calendar was watered down in response to the controversy following the original version.

“ All the models wear their own clothes; it’s what they feel comfortable in, but it’s sexy,” Sorger says. “And there’s different levels of sexy... we want to go very sexy without crossing over into that line of trashy. We don’t want to do a bikini one, we don’t want to do a ‘bikers and babes’ calendar. That’s not the image we want.

“ The main goal of this calendar is to raise money for charity and I think that gets lost a lot of times because of the controversial nature of the calendar,” Sorger adds, noting all proceeds from the sale of the calendars go toward the Canadian Aid Society.

“ What we’re looking for in the ideal model is someone who is sexy and attractive, but also someone who is a humanitarian, who likes charity,” Sorger says.

Tryouts for the calendar have been taking place at the University Community Centre all week, but the number of potential models will be cut down for a meet-and-greet taking place this weekend. Sorger projects by the middle of next week, the top models will have been selected. The calendars are scheduled for completion by Nov. 24, at which point students can start their Christmas shopping early.

“ [The calendar] would make the ideal Christmas gift,” Sorger states eagerly.

Spoken like a true businessman.



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