October 3, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 21  

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Letters from the edge
Check your inbox Cujo

Under review
Ian Denomme

Sports Editor

Dear Curtis Joseph,

How do you like your chances of getting a ring now?

Poor Curtis, you left a team and a city that loved you to go to Detroit, where you thought you had a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Instead, you lost four straight games to the Mighty Ducks in the first round, ending your season.

Now Dominik Hasek is back and you are out of a job. I can't help but laugh at you. You had it made in Toronto; the team, the fans and the media loved you. You represented everything that was good about sports.

Then you turned to the dark side. You turned down Toronto's money and went to an arch rival to win the Cup.

You sold out. I don't mean selling out as far as money goes; we know you took less money to go to Detroit. However, you still sold out. Whatever happened to loyalty? Abandoning your team to go somewhere else to win is also selling out.

You're not the only one doing it. Paul Kariya, Ray Bourque, Karl Malone and Gary Payton all have done the same thing over the last few years. They left their mediocre teams to go to a team already stacked in order to win a championship.

So now what are you going to do Curtis? Detroit has three very capable goalies and are not going to pay you and Hasek eight million each. That means you are getting traded, despite your no-trade clause.

I'd hate to ruin the surprise for you, but you're not winning the Cup this year either.

When you finally do get traded, you're not going to be a contender. You're not going to Colorado. Even though they may need a quality goaltender, the Wings would never trade you to a Conference rival who could end up facing you early in the playoffs.

You're not going to any decent team in the Western conference. St. Louis and Vancouver may need goaltending to make them legitimate contenders, but Detroit won't trade you to any Conference rival.

That means you're heading back to the Eastern conference. Sorry Cujo, but all the contenders in the East already have all-star goalies. Toronto has Ed Belfour, New Jersey has Martin Brodeur and Ottawa has Patrick Lalime. Philadelphia and New York could use upgrades between the pipes but not with your price tag.

Curtis, you should have stayed in Toronto. You had your chance to be a hero and lead the Leafs to the Cup, but instead you opted out.

Your last words when you left Toronto were: "If we don't win the Cup in Detroit, I hope Toronto does."

Although it didn't happen last year, when you are watching the playoffs from the clubhouse after a round of golf this year, you will be wishing you were still a Leaf.



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