October 30, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 34  

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10 - THANKSGIVING - 20/40

Food: *****

MMM. How much do I love turkey? Like you would not believe. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and the oh so sweet pumpkin pie. For food lovers, I think this is THE holiday.

Colour Scheme: **

Orange. Brown. Green. Red. All those "autumn" colours. Really, there's enough colour outside with the leaves and the trees and all that nature crap. Do we really need it on the kitchen table when trying to eat delicious turkey?

Gifts: 0

Who the hell gives gifts at Thanksgiving?

Music: 0

Is there music for Thanksgiving? Maybe the gobble of turkeys, but I don't think that's music to anyone's ears. Except maybe USC prez Paul Yeoman, who grew up with them.

Time of Year: ****

Fall. What a lovely time of year. The leaves are changing. The air is getting cooler. The bugs are out in full force. Who doesn't love it? And you get to step on dried leaves which makes that ever so satisfying crunch when you do so.

Preparation: **

Seeing as how I've never prepared a Thanksgiving meal, I wouldn't know much about it. But my dad sure works hard when he does. Seems like it takes hours, but then again I spend most of that time sleeping.

Company: *****

Picture it. Ten to 14 Italians around the table. Lots of food. Everyone yelling over each other to be heard. Most of them angry. Some maybe a bit tipsy. Rage and food, a perfect combo. God, you've gotta love family.

Drink Rating / Chances for Sex / Getting Arrested: **

With this holiday, maybe. But as this is a "family" holiday, most people don't get drunk with grandma and the whole sex thing is a BIG no no. So, in this case, not so much.

-Paolo Zinatelli



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