October 30, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 34  

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Re: "Back underneath the golden arches," Oct. 17, 2003

To the Editor:

I totally understand you love their grease-lathered combos and they have always represented an amazing childhood experience to you. McDonalds is the shining beacon of American cultural imperialism that can be found in almost any industrialized nation. I have a McDonalds across the street from me and honestly think about the smell. Yes, the smell may be tantalizing, but it is the chemically-produced smell of cooking flesh and beef. It makes me kind of sick and it will probably make you too if you eat it all the time.

I read Fast Food Nation and it confirmed what I had been thinking all along. Something that "good" has to be bad. America has the highest obesity rate and I'm sure Canada is not far behind. It is far from natural to eat foods deep fried to hell.

I just want to let everyone know out there they should know what they are eating. McDonalds markets toys and fat to children so they grow up with bad eating habits, pass it on to their kids and now all of a sudden we have a whole nation of people who couldn't do a ten-minute run. Don't create more fat camps; create awareness of heart disease and cancer caused by high fat diets and turn off that annoyingly bright M that is on 24 hours a day.

Kate Daley
English/MIT II

Boycott misses the net

Re: "Maple Leaf Gardens deserves better," Oct. 28, 2003

To the Editor:

While I applaud Mr. Denomme's conviction to stand up for the heritage of Maple Leaf Gardens by boycotting Loblaws and shopping at Valu-Mart, he might be dismayed to learn Valu-Mart is owned by the "evil" Loblaws Corporation. Perhaps he should research his cause more thoroughly before he convinces readers to follow his lead.

Suzanne Dale
PhD Candidate, Microbiology and Immunology

Fans fumble

To the Editor:

I'm sure you've all heard about our football team's loss to Windsor last Saturday and I'm also sure many of you are disappointed they didn't advance.

As for me, I was only disappointed about one thing during the game and it was the crowd. The game was nationally televised on The Score and whoever watched the game saw a virtually empty TD Waterhouse Stadium. Our guys worked their asses off to get home-field advantage and the student body as a whole just didn't show up.

Why is it the ONLY game we sell out is Homecoming? As for Saturday, I know the weather was pretty cold and wet, but if the players and cheerleaders can get out there and do their thing in the bad weather, I'm sure we could have made it out to support them.

So on behalf of my many fellow CIS football fans, I would like to apologize to the Western football team for the student body's lack of support last Saturday. You guys deserved better.

Mike Salentyn
Commercial Aviation Management II





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