October 31, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 35  

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Student "leaders" in SPAM war

By Emmett Macfarlane
Gazette Staff

An upcoming municipal election, coupled with the involvement of two Western students, seems to have gotten Western student "leaders" into quite an amusing frenzy.

A hilarious series of e-mails obtained by The Gazette reveals what certain current and former members of the University Students' Council do in their spare time.

The first e-mail was sent to a list of dozens of student politicos and their friends, explaining that low student turnout in previous municipal elections have hurt student representation at City Hall. It noted that two Western students are candidates - former USC VP-education Joshua Morgan (candidate for Ward 1 councillor) and first-year law student Dave Forestell (candidate for the school board) - and are running, and urged everyone to go out and vote.

This message was met with an angry response from current USC science councillor Arzie Chant, who wrote: "I would like to register my disgust at having received such a self-serving e-mail as this."

In a long message, Chant went on to say it was wrong to endorse specific candidates using the UWO e-mail system. "Please be advised that I have reported this incident to Information Technology Services at UWO. Any such e-mail messages originating from a UWO account are contrary to the UWO Acceptable Use Agreement."

In one of several responses to Chant's angry reaction, Cameron McAlpine (former USC councillor and current graduate student) wrote: "You just wasted the time of people with far more important things to do than have their e-mail inboxes cluttered with mindless rants.

"I urge all recipients of [Chant's] e-mail to completely ignore this whole preposterous exercise and try to regain the brain cells it has already killed," McAlpline added.

Another respondent used harsher language, calling Chant a name The Gazette will not repeat for fear the overly sensitive science councillor will sue us for defamation.

Obviously not getting the message, Chant responded again with another long e-mail. "Please note that I have forwarded the initial e-mail to the ITS Postmaster for review," he wrote towards the end. "Any [more responses] that I receive will be forwarded to ITS as SPAM mail. As it is unwanted, any additional e-mails will be treated as harassment."

[Editor's note: We're sure employees at ITS appreciate Mr. Chant's diligence in protecting the UWO Acceptable Use Agreement (which no one but him has ever actually read). Hopefully now the dozens of students who received an e-mail asking them to vote in a municipal election can rest peacefully in the knowledge Mr. Chant has protected them from unnecessary e-mails, while sending them two bloated e-mail rants about how using e-mail to send messages contravenes Western's policy on e-mails].



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