October 7 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 22  

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Women's soccer team takes two

By Alison Stolz
Gazette Staff

Matt Prince
GET YOUR DIRTY PAWS OFF ME! Striker Laura Shore fights off a Toronto Varsity Blues defender in the Mustangs 4-0 victory on Sunday afternoon.

The hail must have given the Mustangs women's soccer team that extra push for Saturday's game against York because they exploded for three goals in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Rookie Heather Prange was the first to score. Christina Bonasia followed her teammate to give the Mustangs a 2-0 lead and Eva Havaris put in the third goal at the beginning of the first half, making it a three goal difference.

"We had consistent effort from everyone," said Mustangs coach Mike Van Bussel. "We really got off to a good start, which helps, and there was scoring from everywhere on the team."

The weather conditions were not the greatest for the game, leaving the Brescia Fields chopped up, but the Mustangs made the best of it. Players wore their toques, mitts and long sleeves, along with their uniforms to help keep warm. One veteran player, Sabine Goldberg, had the right idea, wearing spandex pants under her shorts.

"We had solid defense throughout the game. Special mention goes out to Samantha Biggs, Andrea Szewezuk, Carmel Pringle and Laura Shore," Van Bussel added.

Shore, obviously talented in throw-ins, was called upon numerous times to gain offensive positioning. She used her text book throws to hit her teammates down the side line to beat York's defense. From there the forwards crossed the ball to the middle and in front of the net.

Shots were fired by most offensive players on the Western team. Jenna Byrne played consistently strong up the right side; Bonasia was close to getting a second goal of the game and Goldberg gave consistent team effort up front as well.

"We had a good, spirited performance from everyone. They all contributed, even the players from the bench played excellent," Van Bussel said.

York came out stronger in the second half, only letting the Mustangs score once. Sarah Regan, a strong first-year player, had many scoring opportunities and was able to get the only goal in the second half.

"We underplayed in today's game, especially the first half. But Western played very well too - we won't take that away from them," York head coach Shane Alterstad said. "We are an extremely young team with only eight returning veterans - it's a rebuilding year for us."

York's keeper, Aurealea Gumiela, a rookie for the team, settled down in the second half. "I was pretty nervous." she said. "We didn't know what we were up against, especially with Western ranked as number one. We should have played better in the first half though."




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