October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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Wicked, cool and slow

the single guy
by brian wong

Buck 65: "Wicked & Weird"

Kudos to Halifax's Buck 65 who has been able to get MuchMoreMusic to give a pirate-voiced b-boy some airplay. "Wicked & Weird's" (off his latest record Talkin' Honky Blues) quirky mix of fat grooves, delicate banjo and near-continuous gruff rhyming makes it an instant road-trippin' staple.

Ben Folds: "There's Always Someone Cooler Than You"

Here's one for kids who get bullied. This track from Folds' Sunny 16 EP (available online at www.attackedbyplastic.com) is sunny enough for Sesame Street and its "Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall/But there's always someone cooler than you" chorus will make those Oscar the Grouches in our lives less potent.

Kylie Minogue: "Slow"

An understated follow-up to her disco-riffic Fever album, "Slow" has the Australian horse-toothed dance diva cooing all over the minimalist techno beats that shuffle amongst deep robotic synths. Instead of hitting you over the head with an infectious tease like the na-na-nas of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," this single from Minogue's upcoming Body Language disc would rather be your pulse as the bare rhythms skitter into your bloodstream.

Swollen Members: "Watch This"

With yet another sinister, classical-music-based backing track, the team of Mad Child, Prevail, Moka Only and Rob the Viking return with the first single from their upcoming Heavy disc. The song doesn't really tread new territory, but Members' solid flow is intact as they boast, "You're done, your time is up/It's a brand new beat, now turn it up," over echoed handclaps and a mellow guitar line.

Korn: "Right Now"

Korn would be so much better without vocals. Sure, things begin well on this first single from Take a Look in the Mirror (out Nov. 18) - a violent, malcontent riff and the band's signature percussive bass - but then Jonathan Davis begins singing "I'm feeling mean today" and right then you know the whole song is going into the crapper like the last two Korn albums. "Shut up! Shut up! I'll fuck you up!" he yells. "I fucking hate you!" he screams. Hey, Davis - it's 2003; macho posturing and angst are passé.



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