October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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Mustangs need shakeup

It's time for Larry Haylor to step down.

Around Western, Haylor is revered for what he's managed to do on the football field. Ever since he took the head coaching reins back in 1984, the Mustangs have had a winning record. Haylor's led the team to two national championships, three national semi-finals and three provincial championships. But precious few of these accolades have come in recent years and Haylor's time for resting on his laurels has passed.

Nobody WINs with cheap jokes

Kats got your tongue

Feminism has become a dirty word. To out yourself as a feminist is to risk being perceived as a man-hating complainer. When stripped down to its basic components, feminism is something quite different than what many perceive it to be: people should not have different rights based on their gender. In other words, in the eyes of the law, don't treat me differently because I am a woman.




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