October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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Mac loss is last straw

To the Editor:

After watching the debacle that was the Mustangs football game against McMaster on Saturday it is apparent the only solution to saving the season is to fire Larry Haylor as head coach. He has quite simply lost all ability to run a university football team.

This past summer we were assured last year's playoff blowout at Queen's was the fault of the defensive co-ordinator. Well, with a new one in place, our team just gave up the most points in Western history. Obviously the problems start a little higher up the coaching ladder.

Haylor has his record and should now be put out to pasture. Western needs an interim head coach to finish the season and then the program needs to start over. A good place to start would be to throw enough money at McMaster's coach (and former Western offensive co-ordinator) Greg Marshall to entice him to come home and restore some pride to what is supposed to be the best football program in the country.

Mark Cornell
BA History/Political Science 02


A tragedy off the ice

To the Editor:

On Sep. 29, a car driven by Atlanta Thrashers phenom Dany Heatley lost control on a two-lane road near Atlanta. Having left the road at a speed of 80-m.p.h., the 2002 Ferrari crashed into a fence and split in two. While Heatley was only shaken up by the crash, passenger (and teammate) Dan Snyder was not so fortunate. Upon impact, Snyder was ejected from the vehicle and thrown approximately 30 feet in the air.

There is no denying accidents happen. The question is whom can we blame? Sure, it was Heatley who accelerated his car well past the speed limit, down the wrong side of a two-lane road, but what about the people who allowed this young man to purchase this $300,000 sports car in the first place?

While the list of law-evading athletes continues to grow, it is starting to look like Heatley will not be so lucky. As a result of injuries sustained in the crash, Dan Snyder died this past Sunday. Having left family, teammates and the entire National Hockey League in shock, it is now Heatley's turn to deal with the ramifications of this unfortunate incident.

If anything can be learned by this tragedy, I would hope sports leagues open their eyes to the fact that giving such enormous amounts of money to these "kids" is a clear recipe for disaster. You simply cannot expect to give a 19-year-old boy $3 million and expect him to act responsibly with it. How many lives will it take? How many potentially brilliant careers will be shortened before someone finally clues in? As far as I'm concerned, it's already been one too many.

Dave Rogers
Social Science II



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