October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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Thousands avoided double cohort year

More than half of Grade 12 students in Toronto, confronted with the admissions crunch spurred by the double cohort, chose to run victory laps.

Prof gets charged for child porn

You know that particular prof who gives everyone the creeps? You never know what they may be doing in their spare time.

Firefighter ready to strip

The Gazette is proud to report Michael Scratch, a London firefighter, is going beyond the call of duty to bare it all on Bravo!'s reality show, Stripsearch.

King's student council exec looks for a raise

With King's student politicos seeking more money, soon they will be taking advice from Scarface to get money, and finally some women.

University income gap decreasing: StatsCan

A recent study by Statistics Canada suggests the gap between students of high and low-income families attending university has shrunk over the past decade, though critics charge the study detracts from the issue of rising tuition fees.

Campus Inquisition

"How does stripping detract him in any way from his day job?" -Melanie Rabeda, English IV on firefighter Micheal Scratch's decision to be in Strip Search amid media anger

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> No more cows kicking over lanterns
> Take off clothes: give to poor
> Hungry, hungry food banks
> Law and Order stars [not] coming to Western




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