October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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King's student council exec looks for a raise

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

With King's student politicos seeking more money, soon they will be taking advice from Scarface to get money, and finally some women.

The King's University College Students' Council has selected a committee to evaluate and suggest changes to the honoraria structure for the council executive, said KUCSC President Mike Heilandt.

"A long time ago it was set - I can't see any justification for it," Heilandt noted.

The issue of the honoraria for the council executive arose last year with a motion posted by executive members, said Andrew Clark, off-campus co-ordinator for the KUCSC and chair of the ad-hoc committee on honoraria. The motion did not pass because many councillors were not comfortable with the pay raise, he noted.

According to Clark, the issue resurfaced during KUCSC budget consideration meetings and it was decided a committee would be formed to re-evaluate the honoraria structure and determine the amount of work executive members, including the president, do while conducting their duties.

Last year the KUCSC president received $2,000, the VP-finance received $1450 and the remaining three executive members got $1,250 a year, divided into seven, and distributed every month while school was in session, Clark explained, adding while the committee decides on the amounts for the executive they have been given an interim honoraria of $400 for the president and $360 for the VPs this month.

"I really don't think a large pay increase is justified," said Brook Dyson, University Students' Council representative for the KUCSC, adding the committee will probably just multiply the interim pay by eight.

Dyson pointed out that when he was VP-finance last year he brought forth a motion to the KUCSC near the end of the year to restructure the honouraria of the new executive to lower the president's honoraria and raise the VP's honoraria.

The rationale was to bring parity to the honoraria and to lower the amount of money the president receives, Dyson stated. "It's usually the VPs who put in all of the grunt work," he noted.

"A lot of people are voting wherever the executive voted because they look to then for leadership," Dyson asserted.

The five member committee has met twice already and will bring their findings to the KUCSC, which will vote with the executives abstaining, Clark noted. "We'd like to be done by Christmas," he added.




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