October 8 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 23  

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Purple Pipe: Lindsay Forget and Kerry Trainor

Jordan Bell/Gazette
ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT. An uninspired cutline is hardly enough to do justice to this week's Purple Pipe co-winners, Lindsay Forget and Kerry Trainor.

Lindsay Forget and Kerry Trainor are on a roll.

Both women are co-captains for the heavyweight women's rowing team and are acknowledged as the veterans on the squad. Forget is in her third year of rowing at Western, while Trainor is in her fourth. This year, both Forget and Trainor are part of the varsity eights and varsity doubles for heavyweight women.

Thus far, the two have been dominant, winning three straight races in all; the Western Invitational (4 km, 500 m sprint), the Toronto Sprints (1 km) and Head of the Trent (5 km). Both women have provided plenty of leadership for this year's squad and are heavily favoured to win at this weekend's competition at Brock.

When asked what has led to their success this year, both rowers credit good coaching and years of hard work and intense training. With all of their accomplishments in mind, Forget and Trainor were an easy choice for this week's Purple Pipe.

- David Lee

The Gazette sat down with this week's Purple Pipe winners, Lindsay Forget and Kerry Trainor...

Why did you start rowing?

Lindsay: I used to swim and the high school I went to didn't have a swimming team. I liked water sports and the similarities between swimming and rowing drew me in.
Kerry: My first year of university I went to Oklahoma on a soccer scholarship. I ended up transferring back to Canada, but because of transfer rules, I couldn't play soccer here.

Are there any rowers that serve as your inspiration?

Both: Jane Rumble.
Lindsay: Jane's worked with both of us since our first year of rowing at Western. She's on the national team, she just came back from the [World Rowing Championships] and we love her.

What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while you were rowing?

Lindsay: In the summer, we always get flashed by people in their boats. People get drunk, especially on Canada Day and they get on top of their boats and just flash. That's really the big highlight of rowing for me.
Kerry: Sometimes it's not just the moments, it's the stories you hear afterwards. Once there was a [Western men's rowing] boat on the water and one of the guys really had to go to the bathroom. He stood up to go over the side, but right then the women's team came by. He got stage fright and couldn't go, so he sat down in the boat and went in the boat. They had to do the whole race with it sloshing around in the bottom of the boat.

Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean?

Kerry: (laughs) We're not pirates; those are different kinds of boats.
Lindsay: Though sometimes I'd like to shoot cannons at our competitors.
(Kerry makes the "cut-throat" motion, signaling Lindsay to stop.)
Lindsay: (laughs) Don't worry about her, you can run that.
Kerry: You're going to get us in trouble...

If a movie could be made about your rowing accomplishments, what would it be about?

Lindsay: (laughs) It'd have to be called "Double Trouble."
Kerry: (howling with laughter) That's so corny!
Lindsay: Make sure that gets in the paper.

What does the future hold for you, rowing-wise?

Lindsay: That's tough. I'm looking forward to a solid winter training session and the possibility of national team trials. I want to go as far as I can with it.
Kerry: I'm going to keep building this year, have a solid fall-winter-spring season and see where it leads me.





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