October 9 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 24   

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Motion in our city

By Dan Bowyer
Gazette Staff

Minneapolis synth-dorks Motion City Soundtrack hit The Embassy tonight along with Rufio and Northstar. The Gazette had a chance to ask MCS frontman Justin Pierre a few questions prior to the show.

How did Motion City Soundtrack come together as a band?

Josh, our guitar player and I have been friends for a long time and we started the band in 1997. We have been through a lot of member changes, but have had a constant line-up for the last year and a half.

Why did the band choose to sign with Epitaph Records?

They are amazing! We went out to Los Angeles to play some label showcase shows and the people at Epitaph came to every one. They have shown great interest in our music and give us artistic freedom.

How has Motion City Soundtrack's rapid rise to prominence affected the band?

We are way busier than we have ever been. Tours are longer; we are on the road full time now.

How does Motion City Soundtrack differ from the plethora of other "Hey, our band uses a moog, please think we're cool" bands that are out there?

We are a bit older than those bands and our influences are different. For example, we love the second Rentals album.

How was working with famed producer Ed Rose on your latest album, I Am The Movie?

Amazing! He will tell you if you really suck; he gave us direction and pushed us to excel.

How do you feel about the way I Am The Movie is faring on the market?

We are all very happy. We are able to tour constantly now. Our hope now is just to be successful enough to put out another record.

What is the goal of Motion City Soundtrack's live show?

Just to put on a good and entertaining show. We do not want to be boring.

What do you think of people using the "E" word (Emo) to describe your band?

It is kind of like how a bunch of bands from Seattle in the early '90s sounded nothing like each other, but they all dressed the same way so people called them Grunge. Emo doesn't really have a meaning, because it means something different for everyone.

What does Motion City Soundtrack like to do when not on tour?

The other guys all have girlfriends, so that's who they spend their time with. I like to write screenplays. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot a movie at some point.



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