October 9 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 24   

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Keith from Paradise Hotel: Though he started off on pretty shaky ground in Paradise, Keith proved in last week's finale he is a class act all the way. Realizing there's no "I" in team, Keith split his prize money down the middle with partner Tara. Then, he offered to use more of his winnings to take all the former hotel guests to Las Vegas!

Kill Bill, Vol. 1: The first half of Quentin Tarantino's fourth flick delivers a swift kick to the senses with its highly stylized mish-mash of sexy bombshells, sword-fighting, anime and a body count that would make GT's embarrassed. We were nervous about this one, but Tarantino comes through and we're already sharpening our knives for the conclusion.

Thanksgiving weekend: Turkey, stuffing, no school on Monday - what could be better? The long weekend will give us all a chance to relax and catch up on our readings.


Charla keeping the money: Last week's conclusion of Paradise Hotel came and went amongst a whirlwind of accusations, catfights and overwhelming greed. The latter label is especially fitting for "Princess" Charla, who chose NOT to share her $250,000 prize with partner Dave, the very guy who brought her through to the end.

The lack of boys at the WCalendars party: Where are all the aspiring male models? At the WCalendars meet-and-greet this past Saturday, there was a definite testosterone shortage as the majority of calendar hopefuls were female. Note to hot Western guys: don't be shy!

Mixing rap and cartoons: From Busta Rhymes to Obie Trice, this seems to be a hot new trend. All we want to know is, why, why, why? Not only do the cartoon noises make the otherwise-cool rap songs sound cheesy, but the whole concept makes for some really lame music videos as well.



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