September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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A tribute to summer trends

By Megan O'Toole
Gazette Staff

Now that the hot, lazy days of summer are making way for the cold, busy months of winter, we thought it would be an appropriate time to pay tribute to a few of the top trends that have dominated pop culture this summer. Only time will tell if these trends will die like so many brittle leaves with the first snowfall. (Well, we can only hope, right?) So, without further ado, the official A&E top ten:

10) Celebrity revenge: Revenge a trend, you ask? It may sound odd, but just look at the Hollywood evidence: Cameron Diaz dumps Jared Leto and starts dating Justin Timberlake. Jared strikes back with a secret Britney-cafŽ-rendezvous, sparking rumors about a new Britney-Jared romance. Then Britney sticks it to Justin by kissing Madge on national TV. Bennifer (Affleck) cavorts with strippers, who then spread the story quicker than an STD through all the tabloids - perhaps Ben didn't tip enough?

9) Lame movie sequels: We've already talked about all the lame, flop-tastic sequels that clogged up the silver screen this summer: 2 Fast 2 Furious, Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle, Terminator 3, Tomb Raider 2 - the list goes on. The summer was a veritable wasteland of new movie ideas, making Lord of the Rings (part 3) seem excitingly fresh by comparison.

8) Ugly shoes: Stiletto sandals are one thing. Stiletto bitch boots are another - they may be horribly uncomfortable, but at least they look cool. But stiletto running shoes? Who started that trend and what's with the color schemes as of late? Everything from lime green to bright fuschia has shown up in this summer's footwear, making basic black seem like an anomaly.

7) Music and infectious diseases: SARS certainly sucked, but hey, at least it came with a slew of inexpensive musical events. The SARS concert at the SkyDome, featuring OLP, Avril and many more was cool enough, but the Stones show blew everything else out of the water. Why didn't West Nile come up with any cool shows?

6) Breakaway stars making it big: No, Beyonce and Justin didn't start their solo careers this summer, but they certainly blew up the charts (and cleaned up in the awards department). Seems like ditching the boyband/girlband image is a good idea.

5) Mesh back caps: First they were funny. Then they were cool. After that, they just became downright annoying. With everyone from beer-bellied mullets to sorority chicks donning mesh backs, the trend lost its edge this summer and is now just a sad testament to how anything - repeat, ANYTHING - can pass for "trendy" these days.

4) Low-calorie everything: The salad fetish was enough, with chains like McD's and Wendy's trying to health-up their menus, but low-calorie alcohol? What's the deal? This summer spawned a new wave of low-carb, low-cal drinks that appeal to our modern low-cal society. Yep, the Dr. Atkins diet freaks had to go and ruin drinking for us too.

3) Celeb cougars: The classic example is Demi Moore, who in a daring and rather disturbing move, struck up a relationship with Ashton "boy-of-the-moment" Kutcher. Come on Demi - you're old enough to be his mom. But kudos to you for making cougars cool again and for reviving your stagnant career.

2) Stars' clothing lines: Don't they have enough money as it is? 50 Cent and many, many more celebs would answer "no." Following in the footsteps of J-Lo, P-Diddy, LL Cool J and other acronym rap-stars, 50 proudly displayed his new "G-Unit" line at the MTV Awards, causing fashion critics to shake their heads in quiet dismay.

1) Reality TV fights: Paradise Hotel successfully renewed public interest in reality TV this summer, offering up a bi-weekly dose of engineered catfights, tell-offs and strategic manipulation. Yes, watching other people's petty arguments is fast becoming one of our cherished pastimes... thank you, FOX.



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