September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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Bedtime reading

You Can Be Anything! From A to Z: An Anti-Inspirational Guide to Adulthood
By Sarah Montague

Villard Books
53 pages, $14.95

Luke is a lawyer.
His parents have lots of money, so he was afforded opportunities most kids don't get, like never having to work and his parents paying for his school and rent and buying him a car, so he could join a frat house. He will always be a little better than you or me.
I hope you have really rich parents!

Since it's the first week back, you're probably drowning in pages and pages of newly assigned, complex readings. For those of you who have already grown tired of course material or just need a break, Montague's book is short, sarcastic and to the point. She mocks those with overly optimistic attitudes and addresses stereotypes with stick-figure sketches and a sharp wit. Stand-out characters include: Amy, who's adopted; Todd, the "Trekkie" and Quentin, the Drag Queen.

If you don't appreciate crude humour, then this book will likely leave you in tears or at the very least, with a cynical outlook on things like faith and humankind. Montague has neatly organized her rants from A to Z, for your reading convenience. Rather than investing in a standard coffee table book, pick up You Can Be Anything! for less than fifteen bucks - definitely cheaper than any book you've bought this week.

-Lori Mastronardi



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