September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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Dave Picard/Gazette
PUBLIC POWER HAS SPOKEN AND HOWIE AND HIS GANG ARE BRINGING UP THE REAR. NDP leader Howard Hampton appeared at Middlesex College on Tuesday afternoon.

Hampton visits Western during campaign sweep

"Ontario students need more affordable tuition fees," Hampton said, adding if the NDP is elected there will be a 10 per cent decrease in tuition, saving the average undergraduate student at Western $414 in annual tuition fees.

Weldon plays renovation game

One of the more attractive student study spaces has been removed from Weldon Library, but officials say students will still have plenty of places to crack open their books.

The large area on the main floor of Weldon has been cleared out to make way for the new Teacher Support Centre, explained Joyce Garnett, Western's university librarian.

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