September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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Hampton visits Western during campaign sweep

"Ontario students need more affordable tuition fees," Hampton said, adding if the NDP is elected there will be a 10 per cent decrease in tuition, saving the average undergraduate student at Western $414 in annual tuition fees.

Weldon plays renovation game

One of the more attractive student study spaces has been removed from Weldon Library, but officials say students will still have plenty of places to crack open their books.

The large area on the main floor of Weldon has been cleared out to make way for the new Teacher Support Centre, explained Joyce Garnett, Western's university librarian.

Sometimes being too big is a bad thing

It is not every year university student issues are headline news, but with the double cohort, this year is different. Classroom space at some Ontario universities is so poor, some students are forced to sit in the aisles.

"We have roughly 25 per cent more first year students than last year," said Sheila Embleton, VP-academic at York University. "[The faculty] did a lot more detailed planning this year to prepare," she added.

$20,000 tuition - for kindergarten

What do five-year-olds who take naps in class have in common with 21-year-old business students who cram for 48 hours? Their tuition is about the same.

For the first time in its 174-year history, Upper Canada College - one of Canada's most prestigious all-boy independent schools - has begun offering full-time senior kindergarten classes to children with parents willing to pay $19,500 in tuition per year, said Julia Drake, communications manager for UCC.

The year ahead: USC Prez talks turkey with Gazette

The Gazette sat down with University Student's Council President Paul Yeoman to talk about his plans for the year and ask him some useless but amusing questions.

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