September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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The year ahead: USC Prez talks turkey with Gazette

By Laura Katsirdakis
Gazette Staff

Dallas Curow/Gazette

DIDN'T THE DENTAL PLAN GET SHOT DOWN LAST YEAR? USC President Paul Yeoman likes fish, turkey farms and Crest Whitestrips.

The Gazette sat down with University Student's Council President Paul Yeoman to talk about his plans for the year and ask him some useless but amusing questions.

When it comes to running the USC, the president needs to have a wealth of experience. Paul Yeoman fits the bill - the breadth of his experience is so wide he can even tell you about the intricacies of turkey farming.

"We really want to make sure to get out to the student body what we're all about, the benefits of the USC, what students get when they pay their student fees and how we can help them," Yeoman said. Communicating with students and encouraging participation are two major USC goals, he added. "The more people we can get involved on this campus the better the campus will be."

Why do you have fish in your office?
The president from three years ago bought the fish tank and it has been passed down ever since. Two of the fish have survived since that time - I added some new ones myself.

Do you have names for your fish?
Yeah actually, I do. My two pink kissing fish: one's name is Laura and the other one is Paul (guess what Paul's girlfriend's name is...).

So you grew up on a turkey farm. Do you have any unique knowledge about turkeys to share?
Yes, they're very stupid. When it rained we had to close the barn doors so they wouldn't drown. People say goldfish are stupid because they have a memory of one second, I tell you that turkeys are even dumber.

How did your summer go?
Summer was a big learning experience, [I spent it] really getting used to the job and figuring out what it really means to be president. I did a lot of reading [and] a lot of hard work planning for the year.

What are some of your major objectives for the year?
There will be a lot of developments in terms of campus community with something I call the 'living campus project' ... There will be a lot of programming across campus. As well we're going to put out an annual report this year [which will] give students a better idea of what the USC is all about. We're going to do an internal review of the committee structure. We're going to be issuing councillors [and commissioners] name tags so they can be visible on campus. We will also be hiring a work study student to do research and start compiling a history of the USC. It has been incorporated for almost 40 years yet we have no documented history so far.

Indulge us with a little game of word association...
Double cohort - Challenge
Emmett Macfarlane [The Gazette's Editor-in-Chief] - Good guy
Queen's University - Arch nemesis, however, good friends at the same time.
Paul Davenport - Hard worker
Sandwiches - Roast beef
Pornography - Computers
The Gazette - Objective

What is your favorite '80s cartoon?
That's a toss-up. I really liked the Gummi Bears but I also thought the Thunder Cats were the coolest thing out there, they had that theme song that got you all jazzed up.

Favorite Muppet?
The Swedish Chef.

What is your favorite place on campus?
University College. It's the oldest building on campus and it's steeped with so much tradition that you walk into it and you just have a sense of awe. There have been thousands and thousands of students who've walked through those halls and it makes you wonder where they all are now.

Complete this sentence: If you can walk and talk...
You can go to Brock.

Tell us the most important thing you want to say to students.
If you're in a bind or you need someone to help you out, come and talk to us, because that's what we're here for. I'd really like to tell students to pop by and chat if they have a concern with the USC or anything on campus.

Paul Yeoman's office is located in University Community Centre 340J, his phone number is 661-2111 ex. 82607 and his e-mail is



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