September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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Jock Talk with Andy Taylor

Gazette sports sat down with inaugural Purple Pipe winner Andy Taylor to do a little Q&A.

What program are you in and why?
I'm in ACS II. I want to get into business eventually.

So you'll be headed to Ivey eventually?
(laughs) No, not Ivey. I'll stay in ACS and then hopefully business.

What's one of the skills that gives you an edge on the football field?
I'd say my desire and determination. It gives me an edge because I don't want to be knocked down Ñ if I do get knocked down, I get right back up.

What's the best thing you learned from your parents?
"Once bitten, twice shy." It's a Jamaican saying. It means, "You screwed up once, don't let it happen again." That's the rough translation.

What was your favourite movie from the past summer?
I'd have to say Bad Boys II. I like action.

How much can you bench press?
225 lb. times twelve. I can take on Nigel Wilson, the [Mustangs'] receivers coach. Look at how skinny he is. Andy Taylor is letting it be known he's willing to challenge Nigel Wilson. And if you want to know, my idol is Terrell Owens.

Does that mean you're going to pull a Sharpie out of your sock this year? (Owens - a wide receiver for the San Franciso 49ers - did so last year, after which he signed the ball he had just caught for a touchdown and gave it to his agent, who was sitting in the stands)
(laughs) I've got something way better than that. You'll see it next Saturday.

- David Lee



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