September 10, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 7  

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Raptors follow Blue Jays

TORONTO (CP) - The maple leaf and the colour red, dropped from the logo design of the Toronto Blue Jays, are about to find a new home on the uniforms of the Toronto Raptors.

The NBA team will unveil a second road uniform for the coming season that will incorporate the colours red, white and black, along with a maple leaf that will be displayed prominently on the team's shorts.

"This is not at all, in any way, a reaction to what the Blue Jays have done," Raptors president Richard Peddie said Monday. "These sorts of design changes have to be submitted to the league for its approval like a year in advance.

"We're not slamming the Blue Jays. We're just going in a different direction."

Last week, the Blue Jays found themselves taking some heat after they unveiled a new logo that was missing two of the key elements many felt defined the baseball team as Canadian - the colour red and the maple leaf.

The new logo of the American League club, which will go into full use next year, features a stern-looking bird with the word "Jays" in colours the team describes as "blue, metallic silvers and metallic graphite with black-and-white accents."

The Raptors are still a couple of weeks away from officially launching their new road uniforms, but Peddie revealed Monday the uniforms will be predominantly red, white and black. A maple leaf will be added to the shorts.

The team's name will run across the front of the jersey in place of the city's name that is on the current road uniforms, which are purple and black.



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