September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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Selfmademan team up with Smallman

The highly charged sound of Montreal punk rockers Selfmademan is enough to get even the most tired spectator bouncing around like crazy. But there's much more to Selfmademan's music than catchy guitar parts. The lyrics are full of political and social messages, as these four guys use their passion for music to motivate people to stand up and make a difference.

X is back and he's still mad

After a two-year hiatus, DMX is back with his final album. Where has X been and what the hell has he been doing? Major motion pictures would be the answer.


For Love or Money 2 - People wondered if a sequel to an already sketchy premise would fly; however, who could resist a gambler's delight of double or nothing? With $2 million on the line, Erin scrambled to find love with one of the 15 eligible bachelors. In the end she turned out to be the luckiest chick alive, taking home the man and $2 million.

Hawksley Workman proves that he's a lover and a fighter

Musicians have been singing about girls and booze since rock 'n' roll first reared its head ages ago, but few do it with as much eloquence as Hawksley Workman. With lines like "I wish the telephone had never been invented/cause I keep picking it up to say stupid things to you," (in "Wonderful and sad") he instantly melts hearts and draws attention to his poetical prowess.

How Shuk spent his summer vacation: watchin' the tube
Reality shows, the Iraqi war and more!

What the Shuk?

When I did my "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" presentations back in grade school, teachers were pretty unimpressed with the answer "I watched TV."




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