September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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X is back and he's still mad


Grand Champion
Bloodline/ Ruff Ryders/ Def Jam

After a two-year hiatus, DMX is back with his final album. Where has X been and what the hell has he been doing? Major motion pictures would be the answer.

The X man isn't very happy with his record label, claiming he was ripped off for a large amount of money. He doesn't make these accusations in such a pleasant manner though and I doubt you would either if you had made over $120 million in record sales and seen only four of it. X (known as Earl Simmons to his mom) has always been an angry man and on this album he's back with vengeance.

This is definitely one of DMX's more polished albums, having been over a year in the making. The record is deep, but not in a depressing way like X's last one and is one of 2003's finer rap LPs - on par with 50 Cent.

If the latest DMX album sounds like anything, it sounds like Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of My Blood, X's second LP. Swizz Beatz worked his ass off this time and definitely came back as Ruff Ryder's finest producer. "Get It On The Floor" is an amazing party cut and could easily be chosen, if it hasn't already, as X's second single.

A lot of talk about theft, murder and bitches complement this album quite well. X goes off on several tangents, which exhibit his manic-depressive nature, in addition to the rather sobering fact he has spent half of his life either in the psychiatric hospital or in a jail cell. As always, it's a rough ride when listening to a DMX album.

-Darren Glowacki



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