September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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For Love or Money 2 - People wondered if a sequel to an already sketchy premise would fly; however, who could resist a gambler's delight of double or nothing? With $2 million on the line, Erin scrambled to find love with one of the 15 eligible bachelors. In the end she turned out to be the luckiest chick alive, taking home the man and $2 million.

First Week of School - Despite reading torturous outlines with long lists of upcoming readings and assignments, the first week back is pretty laid back. Since you're not yet in the "let's study" mind frame, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, frequent the bars you left behind and drink, drink, drink to your heart's content.

New Tim Hortons - Students finally have the chance to spice up a steady intake of donuts, muffins and cookies. Yes, the rumours are true: sandwiches and bagels are now sold at the downstairs UCC Timmy's location. Now, if only the Iced Cappuccino machine would quit breaking down...


Canadian Idol Voting - There should be a cap on the number of times the same person can call in and vote for the same contestant. This would solve the problem of people repeatedly voting for certain kids wearing striped shirts and black-rimmed glasses, thus skewing the votes.

The Inconvenient Construction Zone - It's nice to walk through campus without breathing in particles of dirt and unknown remnants. But instead of fresh air and flowers, students get to walk past the huge construction zone known as the Concrete Beach. Not only is it ugly, walking around the fenced area turns your usual stroll to campus into a rather annoying, fast-paced trek.

2003 Millionaire Model Search - If you're into showcasing everything about yourself to the general public, then maybe this is your thing. Despite the "opportunity" of becoming a "Canadian Fashion Icon," participating in a slew of scantily clad contestants is far from swanky. P.S.: Grand prize = $200.



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