September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

Front Page >> Arts & Entertainment > Hawksley Workman proves that he's a lover and a fighter


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Hawksley Workman proves that he's a lover and a fighter

Hawksley Workman

Lover/ Fighter
Isadora Records

Musicians have been singing about girls and booze since rock 'n' roll first reared its head ages ago, but few do it with as much eloquence as Hawksley Workman. With lines like "I wish the telephone had never been invented/cause I keep picking it up to say stupid things to you," (in "Wonderful and sad") he instantly melts hearts and draws attention to his poetical prowess.

Lover/ Fighter is Workman's third full-length disc and the crooner seems to be dipping his toes into the somewhat murky waters of the mainstream this time around. Catchy melodies ("We will still need a song") and beautiful ballads ("Wonderful and sad") still abound, but the slick production of the whole thing is more polished than his more eccentric past outings. With the exception of the addition of a cringe-worthy rap on the otherwise gorgeously funky "Smoke baby," Workman experiments with a more radio-friendly sound and still comes out swinging.

-Maggie Wrobel



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