September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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44 things you need to do before graduation

We all have that list of things we plan to do at some point - like make out with a TA or audition for a play.

Since your time at university is supposed to be the best years of your life, we at The Gazette have decided to offer you some "expert" tips to ensure you don't wake up in a bathtub filled with ice with a major organ removed and instead wake up in a bathtub filled with ice beside Scott Baio. In other words: we want to make sure you have the best time you could possibly have at Western.

The end of "college" life is finally near

Stuff & Things

Well it's finally here. At some points during this long and blurry trip I often thought I would never make it to the end. But alas, I'm still here and will soon be bestowed next spring (if all goes to plan) with that piece of paper that cost me countless dollars, sleepless nights and coffee overdoses.

Striking and sappy suggestions

Get your own show on CHRW (94.9 FM, Western's own campus station), because that way you get to torture people with what you want to hear.



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