September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

Front Page >> Campus Life > 44 things you need to do before graduation


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44 things you need to do before graduation

We all have that list of things we plan to do at some point - like make out with a TA or audition for a play.

Since your time at university is supposed to be the best years of your life, we at The Gazette have decided to offer you some "expert" tips to ensure you don't wake up in a bathtub filled with ice with a major organ removed and instead wake up in a bathtub filled with ice beside Scott Baio. In other words: we want to make sure you have the best time you could possibly have at Western.

Therefore, we're offering you our list of 44 things that will guarantee you the best four years of your life. In the infamous words of Saturday Night Live's Maya Rudolph: "Don't hate, participate!"

-Kelly Marcella & Maggie Wrobel
with files (we mean Scott Baio reference) from Colin Butler

- Travel as much as you can before you graduate - after you graduate you'll be up to
your ears in debt.

- Streak the 125th anniversary Homecoming game. We dare you!

- Pie-face an Ivey student or
a University Students' Council member.

- Pose naked for The Gazette.

- Put your name in the Goblet of Fire.

- Get your tuition refunded.

-"Explore" the fifth floor of Weldon Library with a "friend" or a stranger.

- Go to a lecture you're not registered in and stay the whole time.

- Get into at least one heated discussion with a professor.

- Enroll in grad school so you won't have to leave.

- Take a class you don't need to take.

- Tell at least one Prof or TA
what you really thought of their course.

- Pull an all-nighter - without coffee.

- Pass all your courses.

- Read at least one book per term that's not on any of your course lists.

- Strike up a political conversation with a stranger.

- Nap in class.

- Go to class in your pajamas.

- Listen to one full day of programming on CHRW 94.7 FM
- Go somewhere tropical for reading week.

- Read during reading week.

- Visit every bar in London -
especially the ones you're scared of.
- Come out of the closet
(unless you're straight, in which case substitute this item by organizing the first ever
Straight Pride Parade).

- Go sledding down UC Hill,
preferably on cafeteria trays.

- Take a nap in the comfy chairs
at the Social Science Centre.

- Eat a slice of Stobie's Pizza at 3 a.m.

- Take a London Transit bus
without knowing where it goes.

- Dress up for school.

- Write a letter to The Gazette.

- Go see Rick McGhie at The Spoke.

- Organize a study group and
invite people you've never spoken to before.

- Take a tour of the Labatt Brewery.

- Go to Call the Office on a Sunday night.

- One word: K-A-R-A-O-K-E.

- Take a roadtrip without a determined destination.

- Play on a playground - sober.

- Take any class at a gym
and stick to it for at least a month.

- Have dollar beer and
a CLT at The Spoke on a Monday afternoon.

- Try a type of food you've never tried before.

- Rediscover the joys of cartoons (instead of reality TV).

- Get a crush - maybe even on a Prof.

- Hug a stranger - sober.

- Prank call Western President Paul Davenport (661-3106).

- Go see a band you've never heard of.



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