September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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Striking and sappy suggestions

Get your own show on CHRW (94.9 FM, Western's own campus station), because that way you get to torture people with what you want to hear.

- Grant Stein,
program director of CHRW 94.9 FM

Attend a Mustangs' Homecoming football game and watch as we trample our opposition. And check out the Cronyn Observatory and watch the stars with someone you love. (Editor's note: Insert gagging here.)

- Paul Yeoman,
USC president

Everyone should drink a 40 oz. bottle of Old English out of a paper bag behind the Embassy Hotel. You should also eat lunch at a local strip club in a stained bath robe and under the influence of psychadelics.

- Marshall Bellamy,
Gazette News Editor




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