September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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Painting procrastination

By: Paolo Zinatelli

Deputy Editor

So I decided to do a little painting over the weekend. You know, spruce up the apartment and whatnot.

When I tell people this, I often get asked the same question. Why now?

Good question. I spent the past four months of the summer living in my apartment with the lime green walls in the bedroom. I looked at them everyday and said I was going to paint.

After all, I had the time. My summer was spent working at The Gazette, putting up with those long four-hour days (eight hours, if anyone in USC management reads this), four days a week. I've never had more free time than I had this summer.

So the plan was to get the work done before the insanity of September hit. Instead, when did I decide to disrupt my life for a few days and leave my apartment in a messy state of disarray?

Once school started. When The Gazette had resumed daily publication. When my four-hour work day went to a 14-hour work day. When I went from working four days a week, to working six.

Why is this, you may ask? One word: procrastination.

It's an art I perfected over my past four years here at Western when I was a student. "Why start that essay now," I reasoned, "when it isn't due for another three weeks? I have plenty of time."

Who does the readings for class ahead of time? Not me. Maybe the night before, but usually the day of.

There's no real reason for putting everything off as much as I did. But I always managed to find an excuse. There was always something else to do.

Last year I put off most of my school work because of my duties here as a news editor. The year before that, class readings weren't done because well, there was a repeat of Seinfeld on TV. Ah, George Costanza.

That's why it took me so long to paint my apartment. Who wants to be stuck in a room breathing in toxic fumes when they can go to the beach? But after four months of looking at those lime green walls, enough was enough.

I caved in and finally went to The Building Box and bought some paint. A person can only procrastinate so much. Next on my to do list is to cover up those freshly-painted walls and hang some pictures.

But wait, isn't that a Simpsons repeat? The pictures can wait.




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