September 11, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 8  

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King's snub?

To the Editor:
I wish I could say I was surprised when King's University College was left out of The Gazette's map of the Western campus. I'm referring to the Frosh Issue with its 'retro' 1980s cartoon pictorial of campus.

I would like to think it was an honest mistake King's was forgotten, but I cannot help but conclude it was intentional. The other affiliated colleges (Brescia and Huron) were included, but The Gazette didn't even bother to add an arrow pointing in the general direction of King's. It's nice to know the first issue of the year set the standard quite low for the quality of the paper.

Call me crazy, but I figure a map of campus would include THE ENTIRE CAMPUS. I understand King's College may seem quite far from campus, but the distance between Alumni Residence and King's is no greater than the distance between Westminster Residence and Social Science.

It really means a lot to be left out of the Western family picture. I guess we're that black sheep of the family that doesn't get invited to any of the reunions.

Andrew Clark
Honours History III

Editor's note: If you had whined this much a little earlier, it would've been impossible to forget.

Fan's ode to Dougie

To the Editor:
On Jan. 2, 1992, I was on a chair lift at the Caledon Ski Club when I heard the news. A message board at the top of the hill read, "Leafs trade Gary Leeman to Calgary for Doug Gilmour." I was furious. At that time my hero was Leeman (hockey hair and hideous mustache aside) and I only knew Gilmour from my hockey cards.

My bitterness towards Toronto GM Cliff Fletcher was short-lived. Leeman was a disaster in Calgary and Dougie instantly replaced him as my favourite player. His 127-point season in 1992-93 was unreal; at my own games 10 years later, I still attempt to duplicate his wraparound goal that beat St. Louis (Round 2, Game 1, double OT).

The next season was equally amazing. The autographed photo of when he visited Don Koharski's restaurant in Burlington is still in my room at home. To quote Don Cherry, "Dougie Gilmour from Kingston, he's a beauty."

His 188 career playoff points are sixth on the all-time list. To put this remarkable achievement in perspective, the five players ahead of him all played for the Edmonton Oilers dynasty (Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, Anderson and Coffey).

Leafs fans will recognize him as the player that brought the franchise back to respectability. It's sad to see his career end on the note it did, but at least it was done in the right uniform. Thanks for the memories, Killer.

Geoff Stephen



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