September 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 11  

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Matchstick Men a diabolically clever winner

The title Matchstick Men refers to con artists ã those skilled in the art of bilking an unsuspecting mark out of their money on the strength of sheer confidence. A con artist would assert they don't take somebody's money, but rather have it given to them. Rest assured, any viewer should gladly hand over their money for this film and they most certainly won't feel as though they've been duped.

Brassmunk to hit Western

In a recent interview, Agile spoke for fellow rappers Clip, F-Rock and May 19 of Brassmunk. Right off the top, Agile makes it clear that while the group may be lumped into the hip-hop genre, they certainly aren't limited by conventions.

Troubled bad girls, Outkasts and creepy Clay

the single guy

The Distillers:


"Operate"/"Shake Yer Dix"

"The Way You Move"/"Hey Ya"

Clay Aiken:

CD Reviews

John Mayer

A Perfect Circle

Plastilina Mosh

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Bobby Trendy

Simpsons veteran Tim Long talks

Five-year Simpsons writer Tim Long dropped by The Wave last Thursday to chat with a capacity crowd about his behind-the-scenes experience on one of television's most popular shows.
The Gazette scored an interview with Long and...




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