September 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 11  

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Brassmunk to hit Western

By Michael Dewar
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo

A DOUBLE DOSE OF BRASSMUNK. Agile, Clip, F-Rock and May 19 strike a few poses.

In a recent interview, Agile spoke for fellow rappers Clip, F-Rock and May 19 of Brassmunk. Right off the top, Agile makes it clear that while the group may be lumped into the hip-hop genre, they certainly aren't limited by conventions.

"I like to explore music, ya know?" Agile says. "Usually after we do a song we each take it in, then come back and talk about it and ask ourselves, •Can we perform it?' If not, we ditch it."

Clearly, for Brassmunk, it's the show that's key.

"We're big performers," Agile elaborates. "We try to perform every song we have. We're a performance based group, so that's the type of music we should always be doing."

Agile goes on to divulge the method behind the madness of a successful show. "You can't go full throttle through the whole show, right? You've gotta bring it up, then bring it down a little. First high energy, high octane; then we balance it out with one or two songs that are more cool, but not boring."

With the fast approaching concert ã right here on campus ã in mind, Agile gives the right answer to an obvious question. When asked if he is looking forward to the gig, he is single-minded: "Yeah, for sure. A real party school. My cousin goes there. Definitely."

Agile further insists that showing up at the Brassmunk show will be worthwhile for any music lover.

"Just come to the show and you'll see and hear things you haven't seen or heard before," Agile claims. "We're an active group."

Brassmunk •performs' online as well. Their Web site is updated frequently by the group members themselves. Agile is responsible for the online journal and they all have a hand in writing the various sections. If you click on any member's personal link to send a message to him, it goes right to his own e-mail address.

"We'll hit you back," Agile promises. "You'll get [a reply] back in a timely fashion."

Devotion to listeners is key to Brassmunk, according to Agile. "[We stay] in touch. We give advice and everything else."

Pressed for some on-the-spot advice for aspiring artists, Agile offers some useful wisdom: "Grab it by the reigns and pull tight."

"From the time I wake up every day, to the time I close my eyes, I'm doing music," Agile notes. "It's my business. I love what I do though and if I get tired of it, I can go upstairs and use my Playstation, then just hit pause and get back to it."

Brassmunk plans to "hit Western back" on Sep. 18 with one of their signature performances. The Canadian release of their new album, Fewturistic, is scheduled tentatively for late Feb. 2004 and features guest artists Fat Cat, Kardinal Offishall and Socrates, plus "a few surprises." All new, with no rehash.

The interview drawing to a close, Agile had one final statement for Western students: "Look out for Brassmunk."

Brassmunk plays The Spoke this Thu. Sep. 18. Admission is free.



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