September 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 11  

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Canadian Idol goes Western?

With every passing moment, the anticipation continued to build for last night's finale of Canadian Idol. Okay, so maybe a majority of people didn't really care whether Gary Beals would trump Ryan Malcolm or vice versa, but there was definitely a hard-core group of Idol fans who were awaiting the two-hour results show with baited breath.

Regardless of the outcome, we must nevertheless admit CI provided an interesting contrast to its American counterpart. Unlike American Idol, which churned out a slew of attractive, run-of-the-mill, saccharine pop stars, Canadian Idol allowed some truly unique talent to move up the ranks and gain exposure. Jenny Gear, who has become infamous for her throaty, soulful style, would never have made it past the opening gates of AI ã an unfortunate fact, considering the effect Gear's poignantly original style had on audiences.

Gear wasn't the only atypical contestant to make it through: we had the rocker, Billy Klippert; the francophone princess, Audrey De Montigny; the creepy journalist, Richie Wilcox and the list goes on. This is something which we, as Canadians, have every right to be proud of, as it provided yet another example of the diversity of Canadian society versus the homogenous conformity of the United States.

Of course, with the finale airing last night, Idol fans prepared to say good-bye to their favorite Idols, at least until the inevitable tour kicks off. In the meantime, we at The Gazette would like to offer our support for University Students' Council President Paul Yeoman's proposal to kick off a Western Idol competition (yes, this is a serious initiative). But who's going to do the judging and hosting, you ask? Well, we've thought about that too and came up with a few suggestions:

  • Tyler Done can be the Farley Flex of Western Idol. He's been there, done that and now he's ready to judge.
  • Mustangs football coach Larry Haylor can take the place of Zack Werner (a.k.a. the -Simon Cowell” guy). He can choke the bad contestants, thereby putting them (and us) out of our misery.
  • The Hot Dog Lady can fill the role of the female judge. We have faith her talent-judging abilities would be as good as - nay, even better than - Sass Jordan and Paula Abdul combined.
  • Swipey (the On Campus Rewards card mascot) can fill in for Jake Gold. That's right, Swipey can't talk... what's your point?
  • Yeoman can fill in for Ben Mulroney ã minus the trademark chin ã and he can sic his turkeys on anyone who looks at him cockeyed.
All that remains is the prize. We suggest a Fanshawe diploma of the winner's choice and if the USC is feeling generous, perhaps Swipey could throw in an OCR card chock full of rewards. What's a recording contract in comparison to all that?



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