September 17, 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 11  

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The House always wins

To the Editor:
To all of the amazing Alumni House frosh,

O-Week 2003 (YOUR O-Week) is over and classes are right on track. But will the frosh and sophs of Alumni forget about it? Never.

Last week you guys showed the true spirit and enthusiasm Alumni House stands for. From cheering to raising money for charity to participating in every event - you did it all.

All of you have contributed to the rise in Alumni's pride, which has skyrocketed from virtually nothing to the most it's probably ever been. Hopefully we'll all remember this accomplishment in the years to come.

As your sophs, we could not have asked for a more amazing group of people to introduce to the "Western” world. You have not only captured memories for yourselves, but provided us with many as well. We cannot thank you enough for making Alumni's 2003 O-Week (in our minds) the BEST ever! Here's to more fun Alumni times to come.


From all the 2003 Alumni House sophs

Calla Spencer
Arts II

What CIS win record?

To the Editor:
Enough is enough! A humiliating loss to Windsor in the season opener, a team we had not lost to in 25 years, and now this: a 47-35 loss to Queen's. No more. Haylor must go! This loss is simply the final straw.

No Mustangs team up 28-10 should fall apart like that. I know the defense is young and we have a new system but remember, Haylor is the one who brought in this change. Why? To protect his own job. After two poor playoff performances, he decides to deflect the blame and cans coaches under him to protect his own position. The fact is, in sports, players stop listening to the top guy after a while. So the top guy must go for the benefit of the program. Instead of stepping aside to protect his interests, he fires a bunch of folks under him.

Don't believe me Haylor's lost his objectivity? Simply recall that horrible playoff game his son was having as quarterback a few years ago. Rather than try and get something going with the backup, Haylor left "Jr." in and the ÔStangs went down in flames.

Why is it Haylor asks so much of the players only not to do it himself? It's time Haylor did the same. That's right, have some balls, step up to the plate and resign. And if he can't do it, then it's time for the sports hierarchy at Western to clean up this mess. Fire him, the sooner the better.

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah...Haylor, good-bye!

Mario Levesque
MA Candidate
Political Science

QueerLine is no joke

Re: "The Gazette follows the USC's lead," Sep. 11

To the Editor:
In your Thursday edition you published an initiative for instituting a school "Straightline" to help "heterosexuals 'straighten out their lives.'"
Now, as funny as this may be, I wish to point out such a facetious attitude towards QueerLine only helps to demean the merit and importance of such an equity service. Furthermore, you subordinate QueerLine by mocking it, thus encouraging others to do the same.

With QueerLine being so young, it needs enthusiasm and not derision to be focused on it in order to see its continuance. Everybody has the right NOT to be discriminated against. StraightLine is a subtle and unhelpful form of discrimination that merely encourages others to mock the efforts of QueerLine.

Julia Rady
USC QueerLine Commissioner

University of meshtern Ontario?

To the editor:
So, I'm all for school spirit. It's really nice to see people on campus sporting Western shirts, hats, shorts, whatever. And if I have the means between Old Milwaukee and Kraft Dinner purchases, I really enjoy buying some Mustang gear from time to time.

So when I was in The Book Store last week, lining up to purchase ridiculously overpriced text books, something hit me. Trucker hats. Yes! Western trucker hats! That would be sweet!

So the next time I was in the UCC I started looking for some cool mesh hats (you know, the ones we all threw out six years ago not thinking they'd come back in style). Surely one of the university outfitters would have them right?

Wrong. Zero. They have Western golf balls. They have Western dog collars. No mesh hats...

Judging by the popularity of this fad, anybody who starts firing out these bad boys will turn a sick profit quickly. So please, someone... get on it. Western mesh hats, baby. Some of us want to look like truckers in class.

Ryan Maloney
Political Science II

School spirit can be had, but at a price

To the editor:
Here is the problem with Western school spirit. I like to think we are a pretty energetic student body and there is a lot of purple and white that adorns this school, both on the students and throughout the campus. So I think it is fair to say us students are pretty good at touting just how great a school we go to.

Now here is my problem: how are we supposed to show other schools this spirit when you need a separate student loan to go see a Mustangs football game? I was OK shelling out a ten spot for the tickets (no validation card = not a student), that's cool. But where things get out of control is in a little place we like to call the beer garden. $5.75 King Cans?! Come on, you have got to be kidding.

Not only that, but it's also being relegated to Blue Light from half time on and finally returning from the bank machine opposite Essex Hall to be told "Oh, we're actually sold out." Hmmm, how about a slice of pizza then. Well, $4 later for a cheese circle stuck to the box... mmm, that hits the spot.

Look, I am not pretending to be eating peanut butter from a playing card. I just think with all the fees and costs that come with going to school here, can't we just enjoy a football game on a sunny afternoon without paying like you are at the ACC in Toronto?

Mat Williams



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